Shane Murphy

Merc Fixer


Running out of a Bar on Whidbey Island called “The Last Round” Shane has deeply ruddy skin and an accent that comes from somewhere between India, South Africa and Australia. Which makes him about as bat shit crazy, and dangerous, as any mother fucker you might meet in the shadows.

If that’s not enough he came in third runner up team lead in the the Desert Wars 2070 finale.

With the backing and contacts he got from his placement he turned right out of the fighting game and into the facilitators trade. Young bucks from all over head to Shane to impress or stress in the hopes that He’ll give them the hook up. Which does occasionally happen. On the flip side Shane Makes his big money setting up contacts for anything involving more than 10 people or high explosives. The big talk is that he’s about as far up the ass of Ares Arms as a person can get and still percieve daylight… but who cares about that, they do make the best guns.


Shane Murphy

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