Famous Last Words

Death Becomes Him

A pleasant night at the Greasy Pig turns violent as you leave. Walking down the street toward whatever haven you call home, shots ring out. An ork runs into the street just in front of you and falls over, dead. A shout comes from around the corner, something about a data file, and the shuffling of armed nemeses follows.

Nemeses utterly dispatched, no need to dredge up that.

The ork turned out to be Tracer, a chummer from back in the day. He was always quick with a joke and it is truly sad to see him dead. On him was an antiquated disk of some sort, presumably the data file that wound up killing poor Tracer. Now, what to do with poor Tracer? What is on this file and why is it important enough to cause a friend’s death? And, perhaps more to the point, how do we find out how to crack this file?


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