The Cathode Glow

Sixth Avenue & North Cedar Street

Most of us tend to take our technology for granted, except when it stops working. If you appreciate technological history, then this watering hole in Tacoma is for you. The Cathode Glow is filled with working examples of computer technology from the past century, from video game consoles to early personal computers. The staff and regulars are also well informed about the technology and more than willing to talk about it, or you can view informative AR tags attached
to the different items. Weekly and monthly video game league events are held on weekends for interested players of “old school” and classic games.
> Some of the regulars at the Glow are true hardware geeks, making it a good place to find out more about the odd outdated data-storage unit or piece of electronics that might turn up.
> Glitch
> All the tech and the game leagues and such serve another purpose as well. Casey Connors, the owner of the CG, likes to keep an eye out for kids with talent, and helps them learn how to use it. That includes budding technomancers as well as just plain talented hackers and gearheads.
> Netcat

A basement-level geek bar in downtown Seattle. It’s packed with vintage computer tech, on the walls, ceiling and even under glass in the floor – terminals, old disk drives, teletype machines, obscure game consoles, you name it, it’s here. In AR, each of these had a pair of bug-eyes on it, and sometimes arms. Anyone scanning the networks in the room realises that the whole place is crammed with nodes, many of them very high tech among the ancient tech.

There are a number of tables scattered around with comfy leather chairs next to them, with an assortment of geeks doing all sorts from tinkering with hardware to playing AR games. The house system automatically scans for commlinks and posts helpful news / security alerts to the owners to make sure they’re up to date.

The bar is served by a series of drones modelled after classic sci-fi robots – R2 units, Robbie from Forbidden Planet, even a classic K-9. They adhere rigidly to the canon and use AR subtitles when the robot didn’t originally speak normal human languages. Eventually regulars don’t even need the subtitles.

The Cathode Glow

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